Re: Ape talk

David Campbell (
Fri, 27 Feb 1998 16:14:31 -0400

>But human-like behavior of animals does not demonstrate relationship
>between animals and human beings. I won't re-state the details of the
>argument I presented in "Social Problems--Part E," recently posted. But--I
>believe the Bible teaches (1) human beings are those beings descended from
>Adam and Eve, all bearing God's image; and (2) human beings are the only
>beings that bear God's image. That image, defaced by sin, is redeemed by
>Christ when his people once again bear his likeness, his image.

However, the physical details of forming Adam and Eve are by no means
clear. I also don't think one can absolutely rule out the possibility that
they were representatives rather than the ancestors of everyone (that's
certainly the case for the second Adam!). Evolution of humans from other
primates doesn't really have much to do with being made in God's image, as
the latter is almost entirely if not entirely about the non-physical
aspects of humanity. Likewise, it is certainly possible that a single pair
would be at the root of the evolution of a new species. Thus, I don't see
any reason in Genesis 1-2 to reject physical evolution of humans.
Certainly, there are evolutionists who try to claim conflicts, but do you
really think their theology is likely to be trustworthy?

David C.