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Details of this event now posted on the A Rocha web site (see

>Conservation Sunday 7 June 1998
>Each year the A Rocha Trust produces a Conservation Sunday Pack,
>designed to help churches explore the basis for environmental
>stewardship and to respond in practical ways.
>This year the theme will be "Water for Life", an appropriate theme for A
>Rocha as we are committed to the protection of two wetlands: one marine,
>in Portugal, and the other fresh- water, in Lebanon
>For those in drought-struck parts of Britain, water is a topical theme,
>but it is also an issue of importance to every generation, and so it is
>a common biblical topic. If you belong to a church, please encourage the
>leaders to become involved in Conservation Sunday and take action that
>will help show the relevance of biblical teaching to those around us.
>Packs will be available from late March and an order form will be
>included with the April A Rocha News. If you would like your pack as
>soon as it is ready, please send a cheque for 5.50 to the UK Office.
>Please also see the Diary entry for Wildlife Week for joint events on
>the same theme.

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