Re: Ape talk

Charles Cairns (
Fri, 27 Feb 1998 07:21:34 -0500

Hello Russell,

You wrote in part re: Ape talk

>But human-like behavior of animals does not demonstrate relationship
>between animals and human beings. I won't re-state the details of the
>argument I presented in "Social Problems--Part E," recently posted. But--I
>believe the Bible teaches (1) human beings are those beings descended from
>Adam and Eve, all bearing God's image; and (2) human beings are the only
>beings that bear God's image. That image, defaced by sin, is redeemed by
>Christ when his people once again bear his likeness, his image.

What is the image of God, and how do you know that those who...

>...buried their dead, carried out crude
>surgergies, and all the rest...

...did not possess that image?

>.... Let's not limit God by insisting that they
>were therefore human...

Or, IMHO, that they were therefore not. Or that non-humans are a priori