Re: monkey talk

Glenn Morton (
Thu, 26 Feb 1998 19:31:08 -0600

At 07:50 AM 2/26/98 -0800, Adrian Teo wrote:

>While it may be true that nonhuman primates do have the ability for
>rather sophisticated communication, their language structure has never
>be demonstrated to even come close to the complexity of human language.
>Human language universally involves complex rules which even those
>celebrated apes (Nim Chimpsky, Washoe, Koko, Sarah etc.) trained to sign
>were never able to reproduce.

I absolutely agree with this. Most chimps and gorillas are unable to acquire
more than a 150 word vocabulary in sign language(contra all the claims of
language fluency made in the press). When I knew only 150 words in
Mandarin, I could hardly ask my way to the bathroom.


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