textbook advice

Garry DeWeese (DeWeese@Colorado.edu)
Tue, 24 Feb 1998 09:34:53 -0700


I have been assigned a course at the University of Colorado in summer
school called "Philosophy and Society." It's a lover-division class and the
course description is very broad, allowing the instructor to do just about
anything. Most instructors do social and political theory, but I'd like to
do something on science, tenchology and society. (I haven't thought about
social/political philosophy for a long time!) Trouble is, I can't find a
good textbook to use. It would need to be aimed at a general audience
rather than science majors, and should (to meet my goals) deal with such
things as how society can understand rather than be suspicious of
science/technology, what might be some models of the role of society at
large in defining the ethical boundaries of scientific research (eg. the
human cloning issue), and so forth.

If any of you have a suggestion, I'd certainly appreciate it. I think that
a private reply would be better than a reply to the listserv in general.

Garry DeWeese