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>Below is a forwarded message about an Internet conference on "the public
>understanding of science." The conference will run from Wednesday, 25
>February to Wednesday, 11 March. This online conference is designed to
>explore "the public understanding of science" and is part of a larger
>initiative sponsored by the UK's Economic and Social Research Council. The
>Internet conference will be moderated by Prof. Steve Fuller of Durham
>University. The conference will be run by listserv and archived to a website.
>Also of interest is an article in the March issue of Discover by Matt
>Cartmill under the title "Oppressed by Evolution." Cartmill is president
>of the American Association for Physical Anthropology and teaches at Duke
>University. In the commentary, he takes on both conservative Christian and
>the academic left in their critiques of biology. Cartmill leaves no stone
>unturned, however, by also criticizing Dawkins and Gould. He ends by
>applauding the National Association of Biology Teachers revised statement
>on evolution. "If biologists don't want to see the theory of evolution
>evicted from public schools because of its religious content, they need to
>accept the limitations of science and stop trying to draw vast, cosmic
>conclusions from the plain facts of evolution," writes Cartmill. "Humility
>isn't just a cardinal virtue in Christian doctrine; it's also a virtue in
>the practice of science." The article is available online at
><>. I wonder what Professor Fuller's Internet
>conference would say about that?
> -- Billy Grasie
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>> Subject: STS: please circulate to other relevant lists and people
>> From Wednesday 25 February to Wednesday 11 March, there
>> will be an internet conference designed to explore the
>> prospects for setting a global agenda for 'the public
>> understanding of science'. This conference, which is part of a
>> larger initiative sponsored by the UK's Economic and Social
>> Research Council, will be moderated by Prof. Steve Fuller of
>> Durham University. The conference will be conducted in
>> English.
>> The conference will be kicked off with short statements
>> from about 15 people who represent a variety of perspectives
>> on the topic worldwide. Additional contributions can be made
>> by anyone who subscribes to the conference listserv, and all
>> contributions will be archived on the World Wide Web for
>> subsequent use by any researchers, including journalists, who
>> will be notified of this conference for possible reportage.
>> Not only do we expect that the key terms 'public',
>> 'understanding' and 'science' will be interpreted differently
>> according to local concerns, but also that conference
>> participants will comment on the relevance of other
>> formulations of the issue to their own concerns. However, to
>> maintain order in the discussion, individual messages will be
>> kept to 500 words (including excerpts from previous messages)
>> and specify in the subject header whether they are making a
>> response or opening a new line of inquiry.
>> However, No limit will be placed on the number of
>> messages that subscribers can post during the conference. And
>> messages may include weblinks for readers to access complete
>> texts of articles relevant to the topic at hand. Assistance
>> will be provided to those who would like to make their
>> materials available in this fashion.
>> Subscribers will have a choice in accessing the
>> conference proceedings: (1) by receiving every message as it
>> is posted; (2) by viewing the conference website as each day's
>> new messages are added.
>> To subscribe to the conference list, send a message to
>> For further information about the substance of the
>> conference, please contact
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