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>Dear ASA Listservers,
>2. At Congress '98 a fellow came by the ASA booth claiming, among other
>things, that there is no evidence that speciation has ever really occurred.
>In other words the species are fixed and there is no evidence that any have
>ever separated into two. I told him about a coral dig that I knew about
>where they traced down through the coral and found where one species had
>branched into two. He would not accept that since it is part of the fossil
>record and in his estimation the whole fossil record is suspect. I told him
>I was sure that there were records of modern speciation in reputable
>journals and that I would send him articles if I could find any. Folks,
>this is not my area and I am hard pressed both timewise and knowledge-wise
>to find these articles. Can any of you out there help me? If not, he will
>surely be telling everyone that he challenged one of the 'enemy' and that
>person could not come up with answers so there are none. Help!

See Leonard Brand, Faith, Reason, and Earth History, Andrews University
Press, 1997, who denies macro-eveolution, but places speciation between
micro-evolution and mega-evolution. He rejects megaevolution, but says
that he himself found that speciation took place among chipmunks (I
believe) in the California area.

Jan de Koning
Willowdale, Ont.