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Steven Schimmrich (
Fri, 20 Feb 1998 17:28:59 -0500

At 10:01 AM 2/20/98 -0500, Don Munro wrote:
>Dear ASA Listservers,
>There are three ways in which you can help.
>1. Below is a letter from a pastor with an ark question and I have no idea
>about the answer. If you do answer him or others I send your way, I would
>greatly appreciate your copying me <>. Then I know that someone
>has answered the person and learn something myself.

I would steer him to a couple of web pages:

Sun Goes Down in Flames: The Jammal Ark Hoax

Has Anyone Really Seen Noah's Ark?

Ron Wyatt: Are His Claims Bona Fide?

The first site has an extensive reference list, the second is notable for
being at a young-earth creationist web site, and the third is by someone who's
actually searched for Noah's Ark.

Noah's Ark has NOT been found and people who claim it has, like Ron Wyatt,
are recognized frauds (he's recognized as a fraud even by the young-earth
creationists who search for the ark).

>2. At Congress '98 a fellow came by the ASA booth claiming, among other
>things, that there is no evidence that speciation has ever really occurred.
>In other words the species are fixed and there is no evidence that any have
>ever separated into two. I told him about a coral dig that I knew about
>where they traced down through the coral and found where one species had
>branched into two. He would not accept that since it is part of the fossil
>record and in his estimation the whole fossil record is suspect. I told him
>I was sure that there were records of modern speciation in reputable
>journals and that I would send him articles if I could find any. Folks,
>this is not my area and I am hard pressed both timewise and knowledge-wise
>to find these articles. Can any of you out there help me? If not, he will
>surely be telling everyone that he challenged one of the 'enemy' and that
>person could not come up with answers so there are none. Help!

I would recommend the two Talk Origins FAQs:

Observed Instances of Speciation

Some More Observed Speciation Events

One can pull references to the primary literature from these two essays.

>3. Another person wrote to ask how factual the recent article entitled
>"Creationisms Geology Time Scale (Vol. 86 {2}, March/April 1998) is in the
>latest American Scientist. I saw the article too but cannot answer as a
>geologist. What are the comments of ACG members or other geologists out
>there? I will be glad to relay them to the questioner who is a bright,
>young Christian in science who I hope will soon join the ASA.

That I haven't seen so I can't comment. I will look for it though.

- Steve.

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