Re: Social Problems--Part A

Charles Cairns (
Thu, 19 Feb 1998 20:38:10 -0500

Hi Pattle Pun, you wrote re: polygamy:

>Mal. 2: 14-16 indicates that faithfulness to one's wife of the covenant is
>the will of God since He only created one woman for one man in order to
>have godly offspring.

I don't believe this is anything more than an injunction against divorce and
a reinforcement of God's role in the sanctity of marriage. The word "one"
refers to the union, not the number of wives. Malachi is simply telling the
men to stop playing around with other women and be content with the one they
married (of course, because this was interfering with their relationship
with God). He doesn't say anywhere that they should marry only one. He only
says to remain faithful to the one they did marry.

I would suppose there are prophetical elements in this as well, ie, the
Church as the bride of Christ, but of course Malachi's audience wouldn't
have been aware of it, nor should we, IMHO, use it to proscribe polygamy.