Local discussion groups forming

Keith B Miller (kbmill@ksu.edu)
Thu, 19 Feb 1998 15:20:52 -0600

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>Below is a message from Michael Cavanaugh from Baton Rouge, LA. Michael
>writes to share news of an initiative by IRAS <http://www.iras.org> to
>create local discussion groups on science and religion issues. Michael is
>coordinating these local groups for IRAS and seeks to incubate and network
>with other local discussion groups around the world. Please circulate this
>notice to any interested individuals and be in touch with Michael if
> -- Billy Grassie
>From: Michaelcav@aol.com
>Subject: IRAS Discussion Group Liaison project
>Dear Friends,
> The Institute on Religion in an Age of Science has begun a new
>taking the science/religion discussion to a new level of intimacy!
> In 1996 IRAS began fostering local discussion groups, where persons
>interested in the science/religion interface got a chance to talk with one
>another face to face on a regular basis. The project began with four pilot
>groups, which soon expanded to six. Project co-ordinator is Michael
>Cavanaugh (MichaelCav@aol.com), who has had a long experience with
>discussion groups, and who has prepared a booklet describing how to start a
> At its mid-winter meeting in January the IRAS council expanded the
>concept, by opening it up to other groups who might not want to be IRAS
>groups, but who might want to maintain a liaison with IRAS. The idea is to
>establish some method of letting such groups keep in touch with one
>another, let one another know about successful discussion topics and
>resources, etc.
> If you know of an existing group that would like to establish such a
>liaison, or if you or someone you know would like to start a discussion
>group, please put them in touch with Michael. IRAS's goal is to double the
>number of "liaisoned" groups each year, so we need six more groups in 1998.
> Michael looks forward to hearing from you.
> The Institute on Religion in an Age of Science (IRAS) is a
>non-denominational, independent society promoting a dynamic and positive
>relationship between science and religion since 1954. Each year IRAS holds
>a week long conference on Star Island, 10 miles off the coast of
>Portsmouth, NH. The organization is involved in publishing Zygon: Journal
>of Religion and Science. IRAS is an affiliated society of the AAAS. For
>more information, go to: <http://www.iras.org>
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