Re: Social Problems--Part A

Russell Maatman (
Wed, 18 Feb 1998 17:01:02 -0600

Charles Cairns wrote on Wednesday, February 18, 1998 4:34 AM

> Russell wrote, in part:
> > could get the eimpression from parts
> >of the Old Testament that polygamy is ok. Polygamy, like some OT
> >God suffered, but did not approve.
> Hi Russel,
> Do you have references for God's disapproval of polygamy?
> --csc

One could, of course, point to all sorts of problems--God's punishments, I
assume--associated with polygamy in the Old Testament. But I don't think
you are looking for an inductive approach.

Rather: The pre-fall ideal was one man with one woman (cf. Gen. 2:4); after
the fall, polygamy appeared; but when Christ redeemed his people--as
expressed in the New Testament--there was to be a return to one man-one
woman. This ideal is expressed in Titus 1:3, for example. Then, at the end
of the NT, in Revelations, Christ meets his bride, the church--not brides.
Surely, if the beginning and the end are ideal situations, then the time
between should have come up to that ideal.

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