Young-earth geologist testimony

Glenn Morton (
Sun, 15 Feb 1998 21:11:03 -0600

I have just added a page to my web-page. This page is the statement of
Steve Robertson who wrote one of ICR's technical monographs--The Age of the
Solar System: A Study of the Poynting-Robertson Effect and Extinction of
Interplanetary Dust.

After Steve wrote that he went into the oil industry where I met him. He
explains the problems that his position caused him when he went to work and
some of the problems that ICR has.

I have known Steve for about 12-13 years and I know of the struggles he has
had even admitting that what he was taught was not supported by geologic


Adam, Apes, and Anthropology: Finding the Soul of Fossil Man


Foundation, Fall and Flood