Re: Leading science-and-faith discussions at our churches

Keith B Miller (
Sun, 15 Feb 1998 15:39:23 -0600

Of potential relevance to this thread, I have taught an adult Sunday school
class on the theme of stewardship. We looked at stewardship as a worldview
and way of life that encompasses all areas of our humanness. The areas
covered included: biblical basis of stewardship, stewardship of human
knowledge, art for the glory of God, ethics of science and technology,
social responsibility, and environmental stewardship. Note that we never
even got to financial stewardship, the one area everyone associates with
calls to stewardship. The course was very well recieved and stimulated a
lot of good discussion. I think stewardship provides a good entry into
subsequent discussions on issues in science and faith.


Keith B. Miller
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