Re: Social Problems--Part A

John W Burgeson (
Fri, 13 Feb 1998 16:51:56 -0700

Russell wrote:

"1. A Christian minister confided to a close friend, "I know a young
who is a lesbian. It's not so bad as long as she and her partner care for
each other, stay together, and don't have any other partners." Christians
often agree with this idea because they believe that care and fidelity,
Christian virtues, are of prime importance in sexual matters. For them,
even same-sex "marriages" are permissible if care and fidelity are

He then continued his article as if the minister (above) was "clearly

Be aware, Russell, that not all Christians hold that a same-sex physical
relationship is proscribed by Scripture. And a reasonably good argument
along that line can be made, and has been made.

For my notes/review of two books which take opposing sides on this issue,
ask me and I'll send them to you (or anyone) e-mail.

Same-sex sex may indeed be a "bad thing," but I think you have to defend
that position from other arguments than the Bible. Otherwise the case is
just too weak.

The issue is not perversion, or "gay bars," etc. The issue is whether (or
not) God disapproves of same-sex sex within the bounds of a loving adult
monogamous long term relationship. If He does, of course, the issue is
closed. And if you can show that from Scripture, the issue is closed. I,
for one, am convinced that you cannot make such a case from Scripture.

Best ...


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