Ark-Typal Miscalculations

McCarrick, Allan (
Fri, 13 Feb 1998 08:44 EST

I have been communicating with Glen several times regarding this topic
and would like to address Rhizon's thoughts. I'll use the designations
that Rhizon used.

C. Thermal conductivity of woods is not so variable (see handbook of
Chem and Phy page E-5 (56th edition). Ignoring balsa, the variation
among woods is about 30%, and I suggested to Glenn that he use a modestly
higher number of about 0.00036 Cal/cm sec C. More importantly,
addressing heat transfer though a series of steps (convection on the
inside, conduction through wood, convection+radiation on outside) is like
resistors in series: they add up. I agree with Rhizon that radiation
would have an impact, but its the conduction through the wood that is the

A. I did some estimating on the heat loss though sides and bottom.
Together it is about 1/6 of the loss through the roof (I assumed an 18"
thickness). Again it is true that transfer to the ocean is great, but
you have to get through the wood first.

B. I think that Rhizon's point of hibernation is an important one.
Glenn's response to me on that point was that food was packed for
something. In Glenn's PSCF article, he makes a good point concerning
water needs, that along with food needs fills over 50% of the arks
volume. Hibernation is almost a requirement. Assuming that they only
slept and ate (occasionally) their requirements would be small.

Finally, no building before the 20th century was built well enough
to stop unplanned ventilation (if only through the non-pitched area
around the roof). In designing heating for modern homes, one still
assumes air leakage. Without any ventilation the ark would have smelled
worse than any barn or zoo building - to the point of serious health and
oxygen problems. One could even calculate the oxygen needs, and then
determine a minimum air flow.

Another argument for hibernation, unless God provided refrigeration,
how could Noah have provided fresh meat for the carnivorous (unless the
"food" was living an breathing itself) ? I think keeping the myriad of
animals alive and healthy (modern zoos have lots of trouble doing it even
with modern nutrition data - did the Pandas carry bamboo with them ?) for
the whole year necessitates that we either assume that Noah had only a
few local animal that he knew about or its all a multiple miracle