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>David B. Fenske wrote:
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>> >I just purchased "The Science of God" by G. L Schroeder (I also bought his
>> >previous book too, "Genesis and the Big Bang."). I find his thesis
>> >with relativity and differing perspectives of time very interesting and
>> >thought provoking. Has anyone else read these books, and what do you
>> >think? If they have already been discussed, could you point me to the
>> >archive.
>> I read Genesis and the Big Bang several years ago and found it quite
>> interesting too, but I've since forgotten much of his argument. Time to
>> read it again? But I'd like to know what some of the physicists who have a
>> better understanding of relativity than I think of it. Do George or any
>> other quantum types have an opinion on this one?
> Sorry, I haven't read Schroeder. Can someone summarize what he
>does with relativity & QM?

No, not really, but I believe the essential point of his argument is that
creation took both 6 days and 4.5 billion years (or 15 billion if you
include the Big Bang?), the former from God's frame of reference, and the
latter from ours. He argues that God's frame of reference was very
different. But it's been a while (several years) since I read it and the
details elude me.
Perhaps Bryan Bishop can fill you in more, and describe the theme of the
new book (?).


>George L. Murphy