Believer's Weekly Site Review of SCICHR
Thu, 12 Feb 1998 15:59:56 -0800

Hello, Steve--
I'm a lurker on the ASA reflector so I was familiar with your posts and
decided to take a look at your site. I do weekly reviews of Christian
web sites for the famil-safe Believer's Weekly. The
review goes out to a mailing list of over 4300 and will be posted Sunday
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Thanks for the opportunity and best to you.

--Bill Yates
Believer's Weekly For the Week of 2/15/98

Science & Christianity

The relationship of science and Christianity is a subject of continuing,
and in some cases, unfortunately, acrimonious discussion. There are
broader topics, but usually things seem to come down to the
interpretation of Genesis 1. What does a Christian who is a trained
scientist say? Can a
Christian accept evolution as the process God used? Is the Earth really
billions of years old? Where is some stuff I can read for myself? You
may not find all the answers you want here, but the material Steven
Schimmrich has provided in this site will certainly inform you and make
you think.
Mr. Schimmrich is a doctoral candidate geologist and an evangelical
Christian. This site is the home of SCICHR, the closed mailing list
whose primary purpose is to allow ecumenical discussions on the role of
Christians in the scientific community and, conversely, the role of
scientists in the Christian community. Information on how to qualify for
participation is given. But there is much, much more
- and it's available to all. There are pages for all
science/Christianity mailing lists, and for affiliations, publications,
conferences, and organizations for Christians in science. There is a
listing of related Internet resources, suggested reading, book reviews,
assorted essays, and a listing of apologetics sites which are
scientifically oriented. Schimmrich himself has written several
essays such as "Are Science and Christianity Compatible?", "What is a
Creationist?", and "This Is Why I Oppose Abortion". All the material
here will reward your careful study. The site is pretty much text only
and easy to navigate. The type in the menu frame is a little small for
my eyes, but will do. By the way, the mathematical equations on the home
page associated with "Let there be light" are Maxwell's Equations which
describe the behavior of electromagnetic fields and radiation of which
light is an example. The hopefully-soon-to-be-Dr. Schimmrich can be
reached at

--Bill Yates
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