Re: Error in Article & what should be done.

Arthur V. Chadwick (
Thu, 12 Feb 1998 10:04:40 -0800

At 05:55 AM 2/12/98 -0600, Glenn Morton wrote:

>It is extremely unlikely that the outside temperature could drop given all
>the processes which were generating heat. Think of all the earth's
>volcanoes and basaltic traps erupting during that one year. If you use
>Baumgardner's runaway subduction idea it would generate 10^28 J, which means
>that the earth would radiate at several thousand times that of the sun's

Except that there was no sun, and the solar radiation might well have been 0.

>80 million cubic kilometers of basalt must have come out of the earth in the
>basaltic traps during the flood. The falling rain water when it condenses
>from water vapor to liquid gives off about 600 calories per gram which all
>by itself is enough to fry Noah et al.

This clearly didn't happen, so the scenario must be different than you
depict, although at this point, I am not prepared to say how!

>If the animals went into hibernation, it would indeed lower the heat
>production. But we know that Noah was told to take food, which implies that
>the animals were eating not hibernating.

That's O.K. They could well have been. This would hare relieved Noah of a
shipload of problems, and it sounds like a good idea to me, if I were Noah!