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Thanks for the reply Gary. The message was sent to the Evolution
listserv by mistake. I also sent it to the ASA listserv, my original
intention, since there is a discussion on abortion there that borders,
IMO, a line many have sadly crossed.


---Gary Collins <> wrote:
> Yes, I would say that none of us has the right to "play God," to
decide when
> a human life is not worthy to be lived. Maybe the biblical
statement that
> "the life is in the blood" is relevant here, in which case the age
would be
> very early indeed, less than two weeks, if my memory serves me right
(I could
> check up on that). And the closely associated statement that God
will demand
> accounting for any blood that is shed. My personal conviction is
that an
> individual is essentially formed from the point of fertilisation
> obviously not a _conscious_ individual at that point. Any point
chosen from
> then on is, in my opinion, arbitrary, since as Scott has said, we
don't know
> the instant when life is breathed into us by God. Some may argue
that it should
> be the time of implantation, but do we have even that right, to deny
> fertilised ovum (blastocyst, or whatever) the chance to implant?
> /Gary
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> > I like Scott's conclusion below. I'll like to add some biblical
> > support. Given that there are many that would like to define when a
> > human life begins so that abortion, among other perversities, could
> > be performed with the blessing of the religious, we should bear in
> > mind one of the teachings of Paul -- our bodies are the temple of
> > Holy Spirit. If we indeed appreciate the doctrine of our physical
> > bodies as temples of God, I would then submit that justifying
> > becomes impossible at least in the case of a Christian woman.
> > Furthermore, a theology of "our bodies as temples of God" would have
> > further impact on the life of the unborn and even of an embryo,
or, do
> > we have the audacity to destroy the future temples of God? The
> > mistery of Christ in us should be sufficient to respect all human
> >
> > EDUARD0 G. M0R0S
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> > How I would apply this distinction to this discussion is to assert
> > that the "soul" probably does not exist until brain activity
> > whereas the "Image of God" kind of unique human qualities which
> > refers to below might be better described as 'spirit'--the unique
> > life breathed into us by God to allow fellowship with Him. I do not
> > know when this event occurs, nor do I believe that science can
> > that question. (For that matter, Scripture is essentially silent as
> > well!) I am content, however, to leave the matter in His Sovereign
> > hands, and to err in the direction of protecting the sanctity of
> > human life--born and unborn, rich and poor, saved and unsaved,
> > regardless of national origin or relative epidermal pigmentation.
> > Scott
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