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>Hi Glenn,
>Thanks for your honesty.

Thank you. Honesty isn't any fun.
>Wed, 11 Feb 1998 18:42:29 -0600, Glenn Morton wrote:
>> Given the 35,000 sheepsized animals on the ark which Morris and Whitcomb say
>> were there, and assuming that each sheep used energy like a human, say
>> 2,000,000 calories per day and that the surface area of the ark's roof were
>> 31,370,000 cm^2 then...
>But Glenn, what if the outside temperature had dropped significantly,
>and what if the animals went into a state of hibernation? Wouldn't this
>affect your calculation?

It is extremely unlikely that the outside temperature could drop given all
the processes which were generating heat. Think of all the earth's
volcanoes and basaltic traps erupting during that one year. If you use
Baumgardner's runaway subduction idea it would generate 10^28 J, which means
that the earth would radiate at several thousand times that of the sun's

80 million cubic kilometers of basalt must have come out of the earth in the
basaltic traps during the flood. The falling rain water when it condenses
from water vapor to liquid gives off about 600 calories per gram which all
by itself is enough to fry Noah et al.

If the animals went into hibernation, it would indeed lower the heat
production. But we know that Noah was told to take food, which implies that
the animals were eating not hibernating. Also it would require a miraculous
occurrence for the animals to hibernate. While I have no problem with God
performing a miracle, if God must perform a thermal miracle as above, a
hibernation miracle, a sedimentological miracle etc, etc, etc, Then we
should believe that the global flood in its entirety was miraculous and
beyond the scope of any scientific data. And if we do that, then all we can
do is believe. We can't cite data to support a concept of a global flood.
In other words, what I am against is the appeal to miracle anytime we have a
problem. Either have the whole affair as a miraculous event or all of it
explainable naturally. We need to quit mixing the two.


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