Re: The Evolution Conspiracy and transitional forms

Bill Payne (
Wed, 11 Feb 1998 22:17:24 -0600

At Fri, 6 Feb 1998 14:11:29 -0400, David Campbell wrote:

> The drawing of a purported
> "transitional" "fishibian" in Scott Huse's Collapse of Evolution doesn't
> look all that different from the earliest amphibians, and when he asks
> "where are the prized fossils with half scales and half feathers?", he
> evidently does not realize that modern birds have scales on unfeathered
> parts of the body.

Scales and feathers on the same animal tells us nothing about how scales
evolved into feathers. I think when Scott Huse referred to "fossils
with half scales and half feathers", he meant that each scale was half
feather and half scale. Where are the proto feathers? To demonstrate
the supposed evolution of scales into feathers, you need to show a
continuous gradation from scales to feathers. If the feathers first
appear fully formed, then the supposed evolution of feathers is simply
based upon faith.