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Tue, 10 Feb 1998 15:09:57 -0600 (CST)

>At 03:16 PM 2/10/98 -0500, Steven Schimmrich wrote:
>> Hasn't anyone done any research on this (YEC beliefs by denomination)?
>>It would be interesting to know the results.
>I predict the results would shock you and Burgy and a lot of others as
>well. Who do you think the 50% of the populace are that believe in YEC, if
>it is not fundamentalists?

I'm not I would go as high as 50% for the whole populace on the question:
is the world less than 6000 years old? Certainly among all those who say
they believe in God it would be true. It seems that people's impressions
are born out of experience more than anything else. I am not sure how we
are defining fundamentalists but in my experience I have been a member of
several churches in which easily 95% of the other members would acknowledge
an exceptance of a young earth though most would not want to associate
themselves with the ICR because of their perceived poor theology on other
issues (especially the dispensationism component). Nevertheless they use
the Abeka (sp?) books to teach their children science. In talking to
others it seems that it most churches the vast majority of the people in
the pews either accept a young earth or otherwise rather than a mixture. I
think this is because it only takes a few people with strong feelings on
the subject to convince many others who either don't find the issue
important enough to question or they don't have the expertise to evaluate
the claims. Thus it appears to me each congregation is often a reflection
of the pastor's or majority of the elder's views on the subject. So each
of us comes from a backgroun in which there is either the appearance of
wide support for YEC views or a lack of general support.

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