Re: timeing of ensoulment and abortion

John W Burgeson (
Tue, 10 Feb 1998 10:39:34 -0700

David C. wrote:

>>Both normal reproduction and cloning would yield a new individual with
soul starting from existing folks with souls, so I don't see possible
twinning or fusion as a problem.>>

One more time, David.

You hold, then, given the assumption that "soul" is a meaningful concept,
that an entity at point C has a soul. And that if there are two entities
at point C they both have souls. And that if, perchance, they fuse into
one individual, the two souls also fuse into one soul.

The only way out of this (for me) is to challenge the assumption that
"soul" is a meaningful concept. Which may well be the case. I don't know
that dualism is a necessary doctrine of Christianity.

I just completed reading CONFRONTATIONS WITH THE REAPER by Feldman last
night. Feldman, a philosopher, makes a reasonably good case that the
"soul," is not a substance and is not "real." Interesting reading, for he
develops a philosophy of "dead" which allows him to arrive at a
philosophy of abortion based on "justice."


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