Robert L. Miller (
Mon, 09 Feb 1998 21:49:07 -0800

Hi John,

I have been in a Southern Baptist church about 14 years and base my suspicion
on personal encounter plus reading SB publications. There are many examples
in writing of SB YEC inclinations and most recently I posted a query here a
couple of weeks ago about and article in SBC Life that contained the supposed
"evidence" of a young earth by geophysicist John Bamgardner's computer model

Bob Miller

John W Burgeson wrote:

> Bob Miller wrote:
> >> I suspect the largest protestant denomination, Southern
> Baptist, is predominately YEC.>>
> As one who enjoyed the fellowship of a moderately large So Baptist church
> in a small town in Centarl Texas for over 12 years, and as an ordained
> deacon of that fine denomination, this (now Presbyterian) person suspects
> that relatively few SBC members are YEC. Many, I might suspect, are OEC
> (or progressive creationists).
> As I am, BTW.
> Burgy
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