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Dear ASAers,

Here is yet another one to answer. I hope that some of you want to try.

Don Munro

>From: "benjamin emerson" <benjamin_emerson@hotmail.com>

>Dear Sir:
>Hello. I am an aspiring Christian apologist with many skeptical friends.
>I already know many arguments for the existence of God (teleological,
>cosmological, etc.) and even some arguments that there is only ONE God,
>not many. My question is, without using the Bible, what logical
>arguments could be offered to show that there is One God in N Divine
>Persons. The next "proof" after this that I am looking for is to show
>that N = 3. At this point, I am not really looking for a proof of the
>exact Trinity of Christianity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), but just a
>"general" God in N divine persons where N could eventually be shown to
>be 3. It seems to me that perhaps if you could show God in 3 dimensions
>of time (corresponding to our notions of past, present, and future),
>that you might be able to show that God would be in N divine persons
>where N = 3. That is, one Divine Person for each dimension of time,
>perhaps? I really don't know that for sure and haven't been able to come
>up with any substantial logical arguments to show One God in N Divine
>Persons where N = 3. Could you please help me out or at least point me
>in the right direction, perhaps to an apologetics website, e-mail
>address of a Christian apologist with a scientific (maybe physics)
>background, or a good book on the subject. Thank you. I already do
>know the Bible verses on the subject of the Trinity, so you don't need
>to tell me those. Thanks very much for your help. Take care and God
>Bless you. My E-mail address is benjamin_emerson@hotmail.com

>Ben Emerson
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