Calcium & Carbon source.

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This reply is quite late because my computer crashed and I lost all my
email files.

Originally you had said:

"Each mole of limestone gives off around 270 kilocalories of heat per mole.
To deposit the 4 x 10^21 moles of carbonate on the earth requires the
emission of 1.15 x 10^27 calories. The heat generated per square
centimeter is 1.15 x 10^27 calories/ 5.11x 10^18. There are 5.11 x 10^18
square centimeters over the continents. Thus each square centimeter of
earth must get rid of 224,939,698 calories during the time the limestone
was deposited (1 year). If it is all deposited during the flood, that
means that each square centimeter must radiate heat at a rate 7 times
greater than that which we receive from the sun. Everyone would cook."

This is an extremly confusing statment! By what means are you proposing
that the "limestone" was deposited within the year out of the Flood? My
friends and I went the route of precipitation of Calcite from Flood waters
because that is what your statement seems to indicate. After all,
precipitation is the normal way calcite is formed as solid limestone
directly from solution.

Now that we have shown that the amount of heat released by direct
precipitation is insignificant, you claim that what you were really
talking about in the above paragraph is:

"I have REPEATEDLY state that I was not talking about calcium carbonate
being precipitated from solution but was referring to the formation of the
Calcium carbonate molecule from it's components."

First, calcium carbonate is a salt, not a molecule.

Second, my friends want to know what is your source of carbon and calcium
for the formation of the world's limestone formations.

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