Re: timeing of ensoulment and abortion

David Campbell (
Sat, 7 Feb 1998 18:23:12 -0400

>I am baffled by this statement. I did not see "apparent history" as part
>of the argument/logic stream.
You asked how my arguement differs from the arguement that "the universe
was created last Thursday" as both are based on "God could do it".

>But if the entities which are later to either split or fuse are soulless,
>then what would lead us to conclude that other entities, which are not to
>either split or fuse, have souls? We can ASSUME such a thing, but I know
>no data which would support that assumption, for it presumes that God
>implants a soul into some entities at one time and waits for
>splitting/fusion to handle others.

We're not on the same wavelength, though it's not clear from my posts. You
are assuming ensoulment is the cutoff between "OK to abort" and "murder"; I
am not. Fertilization is the only biological cutoff I see.

Also, cloning is a problem for your logic. It's possible to create many
individuals from an adult human. Surely ensoulment is prior to death!

David C.