Re: Sunday School II: The Evolution Conspiracy

Keith B Miller (
Sat, 7 Feb 1998 14:28:02 -0600

Dave Fenske wrote:

>2) One of the big points made has to do with the lack of transitional
>forms. The creationists claim there are none. Aside from the pages on the
>ASA and on Glenn's site, does anyone know of any good source which
>documents and discusses transitional forms? Which transition is the best

I would recommend that you read some of the original literature if you can.
See the bibliography from my ASA web article. Probaly the best understood
and preserved transition is the reptile/mammal transition.

>3) RE paleontology, the claim is made that most of the hominid fossil finds
>involve only 1 or 2 bones, with the rest being made up. The strong
>impression is given that evolutionists create most of any given fossil, and
>that many of them are outright frauds (Piltdown Man, Java Man). Can anyone
>refute this? For instance, how many complete skeletons do we have for the
>various fossil men (and women)? Also, with neanderthal, they claim that
>the first finds were individuals with rickets, which made them stooped
>over, but really they're just like us. Surely by now there are many good
>fossils... is it not true that neanderthal display some distinct
>differences from Homo Sapiens? Does anyone know of a good source on the
>topic of fossil man? (Glenn, does your book address any of these aspects?)

I would recommend the book "From Lucy to Language" which is beautifully and
extensively illustrated. Nearly all of the important hominid fossil
material is shown in large detailed color photographs. It gives a very
good feeling for the nature of the fossil evidence of human evolution.

>Regarding the early cases of fraud, I have always been under the impression
>that other evolutionary scientists brought these cases to light. Is this

Yes, that is correct. There is a lot of good historical research on the
Piltdown hoax, and the haoxer has recently been conclusively identified
after many years of speculation. I cannot give you any book or article
titles of the top of my head.

>Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.

I grow increasingly weary of conspiratorial attitudes. They are rife
within the Christian community and within American society at large.


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