Re: Religious Life/Professional Ethics

Keith B Miller (
Sat, 7 Feb 1998 13:29:34 -0600

Burgy wrote in response to my post:

>>>However, if one would say "The possible impact of this
>project on the environment is not a significant issue" - then I would
>that their ethics are not biblically based.>>
>That seems to me to be an extreme position. I can think of many projects
>for which I would say the above.
>I have a project to write a book. Will that project (if completed) have
>an effect on the environment? Of course. A significant one? Even if I
>were John Grisham I might assert that it would not.

You misunderstand. Of course in a given situation the environmental impact
may be deemed insignificant. But if the _issue_ of creation stewardship is
deemed of little or no importance then I would argue that a Christ-centered
ethic is not being applied. That same would be the case if the needs of
the poor were considered of no interest or importance in ethical decision


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