Re: Open letter to rescind NABT revision

R. Joel Duff (
Sat, 7 Feb 1998 12:02:16 -0600 (CST)

>Paul -- in the post you sent, the following appeared:
>>>> an open letter to the NABT, NCSE, and AAAS, about their
>recent changes in the "lay person" definition of evolution. These changes
>were implemented as a result of direct pressures from creationists.
>Please, read the letter and, if you agree with most of it, send me an
>email with your full name and affiliation. The letter will be sent to
>the three organizations and posted...>>
>The gentleman sending it gave no e-mail address to write to with
>Do you know it?
>Would this subject not be an appropriate one for the NTSE LISTSERV, just


The person sending this this letter is Massimo Pigliucci and is an
assistant professor of Botany at the U of Tennessee. He has just been
there three years but I see he has had quite an influence. Apparently he
is the primary driving force behind the Darwin Day celebration they have
there. The web page for this is:

His e-mail is:

A little rooting around on the web page will yield some revealing comments
by him about his views. Hidden deep in the crevices of his web page I
found a link to a paper from the "Rationists of East Tennessee" a club
which I suspect he has either started or is very influencial in (Pigliucci
has done all the botany web page stuff and there are many similarities
here). The web address for this society is:

On a personal note I admit the letter Paul Nanson forwarded really made me
ill this morning. I graduated from UT in 1995 and was on the search
committee that helped hired Massimo and so I know him personally. I will
be interested in the responses all of you have on this letter since I feel
that I should send him a letter with a reasoned response. I would think
that it might have more impact coming from someone he knows personally.

Joel Duff

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