Re: Sunday School - Neandertal

James Mahaffy (
Sat, 7 Feb 1998 06:21:21 -0600 (CST)

David and others,

Fossil hominoids is not my area nor an area that I stay current in the
original literature. However, I found that the book by Erik Trinkaus
and Pat Shipma (1993) entitled " Neandertals: Changing the image of
mankind" to be very readable and give a good history of how ideas
have changed on both the biology and ideas of how these chaps lived.
btw On this group there are LOTS of fossils. It is a very readable book
and will give you a good idea of how anthropologists think by someone
that thinks a bit differently than some of the other researchers.

> 3) RE paleontology, the claim is made that most of the hominid fossil finds
> involve only 1 or 2 bones, with the rest being made up. The strong
> impression is given that evolutionists create most of any given fossil, and
> that many of them are outright frauds (Piltdown Man, Java Man). Can anyone
> refute this? For instance, how many complete skeletons do we have for the
> various fossil men (and women)? Also, with neanderthal, they claim that
> the first finds were individuals with rickets, which made them stooped
> over, but really they're just like us. Surely by now there are many good
> fossils... is it not true that neanderthal display some distinct
> differences from Homo Sapiens? Does anyone know of a good source on the
> topic of fossil man? (Glenn, does your book address any of these aspects?)

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