Re: Chuck wrote:

Brian T. Greuel (
Thu, 5 Feb 1998 18:29:53 GMT-5

Burgy wrote:

> >>Where along this timeline, does the soul enter? >>
> Scientifically speaking, I think the question is without meaning.

I agree with you. But then you seem to contradict yourself below by discussing
"data" that seem to imply that a zygote (actually you mean cleavage-stage
embryo) does NOT have a soul.

> But there is some data which indicates that, if the soul is "real,"
> that the embryo stage is a possible place.
> If the soul is real (we are two-part (or more) beings, there are two
> pieces of data which indicate the zygote does not possess one.
> 1. Zygotes sometimes split into two or more individuals before
> implantation time. One can hardly hold that a soul would also split.
> 2. Two zygotes, apparently, have been known to fuse into one individual.
> Surely one can not hold that such an individual has two souls?

I find these kinds of arguments very unpersuasive. How can you ascribe
material properties to a spiritual entity like the soul?


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