Chuck wrote:

John W Burgeson (
Thu, 5 Feb 1998 09:38:42 -0700

>>Where along this timeline, does the soul enter? >>

Scientifically speaking, I think the question is without meaning.

But there is some data which indicates that, if the soul is "real,"
that the embryo stage is a possible place.

If the soul is real (we are two-part (or more) beings, there are two
pieces of data which indicate the zygote does not possess one.

1. Zygotes sometimes split into two or more individuals before
implantation time. One can hardly hold that a soul would also split.

2. Two zygotes, apparently, have been known to fuse into one individual.
Surely one can not hold that such an individual has two souls?

If I recall correctly, 8 weeks is aboutthe time of "quickening." In the
past, many theologians and ethicists have chosen that point as "soul


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