Re: Moorad's 3rd and 4th claims

Moorad Alexanian (alexanian@UNCWIL.EDU)
Wed, 04 Feb 1998 13:58:10 -0500 (EST)

At 08:44 AM 2/4/98 -0700, John W Burgeson wrote:
>Moorad, your 3rd and 4th claims in your recent post were:
>3. Abortion is murder.
>4. Cloning will never erase the sin nature of man.
>A definition: Murder is to kill a human being willfully and with malice.
>That's a short form, of course, but we probably agree on it.
>A definition (also short form): Abortion is to willfully terminate a
>pregnancy by external means. That definition excludes miscarriages,
>whether natural or accidental. In this connection, I note that a very
>high percentage (30 to 40% ?) of all pregnancies are terminated
>naturally; that is, miscarriages are not as uncommon as people once
>That leaves the term "human being" as the key definitional obstacle.


Dear John,

Life begins at conception. The notion that the joining of egg and sperm
gives rise to a conscious being is unfathomable. It is a mystery which must
be approached with reverence. The terminating of that life is sacrilegious.
I believe this is what a simple reading of Scripture implies. Man's pride is
a stumbling block to such simple faith.

Take care,