Re: Moorad wrote:

Moorad Alexanian (alexanian@UNCWIL.EDU)
Wed, 04 Feb 1998 13:42:58 -0500 (EST)

At 10:27 AM 2/3/98 -0700, John W Burgeson wrote:
>Moorad made four claims, as follows:
>1. It is clear from the writings of Paul and the OT
> that homosexuality is an abomination to God.....
>2. Making issues complex is the sure way to go away
> from obedience of God's laws.
>3. Abortion is murder.
>4. Cloning will never erase the sin nature of man.
>On point #1. The issue (to me) is whether (or not) the scriptures
>proscribe all homosexual acts. Christians differ on this.
>Narrow your focus to one class of actions, those taken solely within the
>context of a loving, long-term, monogamist, adult relationship.

Dear John,

I have read your comments with interest. I am reminded how Satan deceived
Eve by subtly questioning God's commandment with the words "You surely shall
not die!" I believe that is a form of making the issue complex, i.e.,
bringing man's understanding and pride into the issue.

>You are a soldier in Patton's army in late 1944. Battle of the Bulge. You
>have been in England and came over three months after D-Day; you are not
>There has been a story in circulation about how 35 American soldiers,
>prisoners of war, were machine-gunned by the Germans a week or so ago.
>The battle is fierce, and resources are tight. Cold. You are scared
>beyond anything you ever dreamed about when you were a lad growing up in
>Ohio just a few short years ago.

Thanks God I never was in such a situation. I think some Christians may not
be fit for the armed forces.

Take care,