Moorad's fifth claim

John W Burgeson (
Tue, 3 Feb 1998 14:50:41 -0700

In response to the Whitehead quotation,

"The simple-minded use of the notions "right" and "wrong" is one of the
chief obstacles to the progress of understanding."

Moorad made yet another claim, as follows:

"The above quote is clearly in contradiction to the Beatitudes."

May I suggest, my friend, that a claim without data is just an opinion.
If it is, indeed, your opinion, why would you state it here? If it is,
however, your claim, it stands without support without data or an
argument of some kind.

In any event, this is the fifth such claim you have made recently. At
first glance I do not see any conflict between the quotation and the
beatitudes. However, I have not really thought about the claim in any
detail. If you can come up with a reasonable defense of it, I might. If
it is your opinion, rather than a claim, you are welcome to it.


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