Scripture as Guidelines or Rules

Janet Rice (
Tue, 3 Feb 1998 10:01:04 +0100

Keith Miller wrote:
> Scripture does not provide
>specific prescriptions but general guidelines.

If a lurker may ask a question about Keith's point - is this the general
understanding within evangelical Christian thought, i.e. that scripture
provides guidelines but not specific answers?

The church I attend, which is part of Presbyterian Church USA - and I know
is considered to be a fairly liberal church - would say that indeed that is
correct. But when I listen to friends and family who attend churches that
are considered more conservative - and who do stress the importance of the
Bible perhaps more than my church does - I get the impression, perhaps
erroneously, that scripture is considered as the final word - indeed, a
rule book, if you will. I used to also listen to the radio show "the Bible
Answer Man" and I remember very distinctly that the gentlemen who run that
show were very much against the concept of situational ethics and propose
that scripture is not guidelines or suggestions but does provide basic
rules. Again, I don't mean to put words in someone elses's mouth and may
well have misunderstood their points (in Austin traffic it is difficult to
give one's full attention), but I am curious.

Janet Rice