Re: an educational/legislative concern in WA -Forwarded

Bill Payne (
Mon, 02 Feb 1998 20:34:01 -0600

I had forwarded the posts on this subject to John Wiester, whose reply

Bill Payne wrote:
> Thanks for the info Bill. Senator Hochsteader from Washington has wisely
> withdrawn his Bill. I sent him the revised version but the damage had been
> done. It was a very unwise move on his part and I'm glad its over for now as
> he not only had a lousy "insert" but had not laid any groundwork. He hadn't
> even checked with the Discovery Institute even though he is well acquainted
> there. Who knows why he introduced the Bill in the first place.
> You can pass this infor on to the ASA web with the thought that we had
> some influence in stopping the process. John Wiester