Gordon wrote

John W Burgeson (johnwilliamburgeson@juno.com)
Mon, 2 Feb 1998 16:23:10 -0700

Gordon wrote:

>>I don't think he, nor, apparently, Stephen Carter, whom
Burgy cites, have justified the primacy of integrity over
honesty. While practicing honesty in all cases can be a
problem, seeking to practice integrity in all cases is
bound to fall into a trap -- into what Ehrenreich refers
to as "the swamps of moral relativism." >>

Carter, as I remember, does not suggest the practice of integrity is at
all easy -- it is anything but a "cookbook" way to live.

Do you know who Ehrenreich is? (I don't). The publication she wrote in
(TIME) is probably among the last I'd pick up in a doctor's office. Her
review seems to be a political one rather than a real assessment of
Carter's thesis.

Yes -- one CAN fall into a trap while practicing integrity. That fact has
little bearing on whether or not one should practice it. The same
objection can be made to getting out of bed in the morning!

Gordon continues:

>For whatever shortcomings the practice of honesty might
have, one can almost always discern what it is. The
same is not true for integrity.>>

That is true. But how relevant is it?

I did not know about Christianity Today's endorsement. Obviously, I agree
with them. But then, I sometimes agree with them and sometimes not. So
the endorsement is an inducement, but that's all. As my recommendation

Best ...


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