Brian wrote:

John W Burgeson (
Mon, 2 Feb 1998 15:00:49 -0700

Brian wrote:

>> Is being a moral person
more important than someone's life?>>

I think we have to be very clear on word definitions here.

When I say "nobody here" to the gestapo, I am being dishonest. But, I
assert, I am
not being immoral. I am being, in Carter's concept, "a person of
integrity." I
have determined what is right, WWJD, and have so acted.

Off hand, I cannot think of a situation in which I would act right and at
the same time be immoral. That, too, may be more word definitions than
anything else.

A generation ago, Joseph Fletcher wrote SITUATION ETHICS (1966). One of
the quotations he included was from Alfred North Whitehead's MODES OF
THOUGHT. Whitehead wrote (page 15 of MODES OF THOUGHT):

"The simple-minded use of the notions "right" and "wrong" is one of the
chief obstacles to the progress of understanding.

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