Dennis wrote:

John W Burgeson (
Mon, 2 Feb 1998 11:05:32 -0700

Dennis wrote:

>>Can anyone pose a specific problem of professional morality for which
Law of God has no relevance? >>

Elsewhere (a few minutes ago) I replied to Tom Pearson on a related
subject, citing the book IN HIS STEPS and the catch-phrase "What would
Jesus do?"

I though long about your question last night. The key word here is
"relevance." You did not say "direct relevance," for then the answer
would be simple.

I come back (I must) to the Carter "integrity" arguments. WWJD in any
particular case. That is what I must contemplate as a case develops. And
I may well make the wrong choice! I am fallible.

I can think of some instances involving company secrets, and one case in
which I did not support (for I though it to be misguided) a certain IBM
development project (for which I had been hired to promote). Nothing of
bad ethics here, BTW, simply bad project planning. I'm not sure they fit

Good question! < G >


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