ORIGINS & DESIGN, Fall 1997 issue

John W. Burgeson (
Sat, 27 Dec 1997 09:00:46 -0700

Volume 18 # 2 (Fall 1997) issue of ORIGINS & DESIGN

just arrived in my mailbox. Articles by Wells & Nelson, Plantinga, and

This is published by the Access Research Network -- they can be found at

or by e-mail at

The least important article in the journal begins on page 8; it covers
the NTSE conference last February and is written by some dude named "John
W. Burgeson." This is the first time I've been published in a magazine
alongside of such a well-known person as Al Plantinga! Rarified
atmosphere! It looks as if Al's article is a continuation of his
PERSPECTIVES article a few months ago; it is titled "Methodological
Naturalism: Part 2."