PBS debate

Garry DeWeese (DeWeese@Colorado.edu)
Tue, 23 Dec 1997 14:42:17 -0700

For anyone who is interested, Campus Crusade's Leadership University has
created an e-mail discussion group about the recent Firing Line debate. I
received this from LeaderU:

We have created a discussion list to discuss this debate. You are
welcome to join. This is an email-based discussion using a standard

To subscribe to the discussion list, send an email message to
with the following command in the BODY area (the subject line is
subscribe pbs-debate

You will receive a welcome message with additional information.

To post a new message to the list for everyone to read, send an email
message to
Use your own subject and enter the message in the body area. It will
be forwarded to the entire subscribership.

If you receive a message and wish to reply to it, click reply then
enter your own comments. It will be returned to the common address
pbs-debate@leaderu.com and then forwarded to all subscribers.

Since you are joining a discussion that has existed for a few days,
you may want to retrieve the previous discussions. To retrieve an
archive of past discussions, first you'll need to see an index. Send
an email to
with a body of
index pbs-debate

You will receive a listing of daily files like

Archive: pbs-debate (path: listserver/pbs-debate) -- Files:
971222 (1 part, 16404 bytes)

This message means there is only one daily archive file available,
being one for 12/22/97. All messages posted on 12/22/97 are in this
one archive file. Each day, there will be another archive file for
12/23/97, etc.

To retrieve an archive file, send an email message to
with a body message of
get pbs-debate 971222

You will receive an email message of all discussions on 12/22/97.

Note an important concept:

To POST a message to the entire group, send it to