change of mind

Paul Arveson (
Mon, 22 Dec 1997 17:48:41 -0400

>Joel Cannon wrote:
>> I was going to dispanse some wisdom concerning the debate but thought
>> it might be a better time for self-reflection or even confession.
>> One thing that struck me during the debate was the lack of
>> acknowledgement of personal uncertainty (with the possible minor
>> exception of Michael Ruse). While that is the nature of debate, I
>> suspect that the participants are more rather than less strident in
>> private than when on their best behavior in front of the national
>> cameras.
> This is a fundamental problem with debates, especially when they
>are being "scored", as in school forensics - & that's where many
>debaters learn their bad habits. You learn to go for debating points, &
>simply can't reply to an argument by saying, "Yeah, that's a good point.
>I'll have to think about that" - let alone, "Maybe you're right."
>George L. Murphy


To me, one of the rarest and most fascinating of phenomena is when someone
says 'I changed my mind'.

According to some philosophies, this is impossible.

How appropriate, then, that this is precisely what Christ demands of us --
repentance. And not only once.

"As you have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him."

To Joel, George, Glenn and the rest -- thanks for the fellowship and
stimulation this past year.

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