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Paul Arveson (arveson@oasys.dt.navy.mil)
Mon, 22 Dec 1997 17:12:07 -0400

At 02:30 PM 12/14/97 -0500, George Murphy wrote:

> A good suggestion. Another obvious question - which I'll pursue
>as soon as I get time if no one beats me to it - is, "What sources does
>Manchester cite?"

Manchester's documentation is not good. He lists a big bibliography at the
back of the book but does not document which book a given argument came
from. This is why I have had trouble confirming some of what Manchestor
wrote. I can't read everything listed in that darn bibliography to find his
source. That is why ever since Ted's and my discussion, I keep looking for
other books that might cover the topic.



I invite any of you to come to Washington and take a look at some of the
original sources at the Naval Observatory and the Library of Congress.
There are a lot of ancient astronomy texts here for scholars who want to do
accurate historical research.

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