The debate and some Christmas self-reflection

Joel Cannon (
Sun, 21 Dec 1997 15:25:58 -0600 (CST)

I was going to dispanse some wisdom concerning the debate but thought
it might be a better time for self-reflection or even confession.

One thing that struck me during the debate was the lack of
acknowledgement of personal uncertainty (with the possible minor
exception of Michael Ruse). While that is the nature of debate, I
suspect that the participants are more rather than less strident in
private than when on their best behavior in front of the national
cameras. What a poor way to advance knowledge--covering up what we
don't know, playing to our strongest hand, and what a poor way to
build the Church (not their intent).

That, of course, characterizes me much of the time, illustrated by the
fact that my initial meditation for today had a polemic built into
it. In honesty, there is much uncertainty in what I beleive and know,
theologically and scientifically. Despite my scientific training, it
would be ridiculous to try to evaluate Michael Behe's book for
example. Similarly, admitting the possiblity (or liklihood) of
evolution does pose problems thoelogically to me (and I think should
for any human being--not just Christians) which I may or may not have
satisfactorally not worked out.

The bounds I place on my uncertainty is of course much less than those
who disagree with me place on my views. Some day, perhaps, I will
reach a point of maturity where I can express things forcefully in way
that also admits what I don't know and even what I might be decieved
into thinking I know. Until then you all will have to tolerate me like
I am--and I will try to take steps in that direction. Blessings to you
all and especially to those who have found cause to disagree with me
over the past year.

In Christ,

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