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Sun, 21 Dec 1997 09:20:02 -0600

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>> While it appears that you believe in evolution, many people who
>> don't believe in evolution take a similar stand on truth. And to me, this
>> stand on truth is probably at the core of the creation/evolution debate and
>> is the reason that anti-evolutionists pay no attention to factual data.
>Excuse me ....... hellllllllo? Anti-evolutionist here. I do pay
>attention to factual (and non-factual?) data, I just happen to believe
>that there may be an alternate interpretation to yours.

Hi Bill, I would contend that you are an exception. Few young-earth
creationists have the courage, like you to admit that they can't explain
something. I sent Austin a numerical solution to the salt in the sea
problem about 3 months ago and haven't heard a word yet. That letter was
the last in a long correspondence we have had on the topic.


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