DeWeese said:

John W. Burgeson (
Sat, 20 Dec 1997 15:53:25 -0700

DeWeese said: " My aim is not to see people
converted to theism but to Christ, but for many, they must first be
to acknowledge the theistic hypothesis before they will consider the
of Christ. That the Holy Spirit can use natural theology, producing a
general theistic belief, as a stage in prevenient grace, seems clear from
e.g. Paul's Mars Hill dialogue."

That postulates a two-fold process for a person to accept Christ --
first, a willingness to "listen to" the claims of theism without
rejection out-of-hand and, second, a willingness to "listen to" the
claims of Christ.

While it may seem more complex than necessary, as I read C. S. Lewis's
account of his conversion experience(s), that fits. It also fits my own.
I suspect it does not fit everyone's experience -- nor even most