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George Murphy (
Fri, 19 Dec 1997 18:07:03 -0500

Eduardo G. Moros wrote:
> The term "total depravity", like many other terms we use or don't use daily,
> does not mean the same in common usage as in theological usage.
> Theologically, the reformation refers to "total depravity" as the human
> condition before regeneration which characterizes mankind - unregenerate
> mankind that can not even start obeying the first of the 10 commandments.
> Humans are DEAD, in enmity with God and are objects of God's wrath. The
> solution to this hopeless condition is Christ.

Of course this is the technical usage, but it can convey the
wrong message. We should be careful about using terminology which will
be misinterpreted in public discourse, even though it is quite correct
for those trained in a discipline. If I tell people that I am a
"creationist", they will assume that I reject evolution, even though
that isn't the classical sense of the word.

> I must go back and say that human beings "suppress" the truth - natural
> revelation. It's a willful action. I know that this action is rooted in
> their nature, but it is an action nevertheless. When humans experience a
> "new" nature in Christ then they are able to "repent" from the action of
> suppressing the truth.
Very often this "suppression" is at a subconscious level. I
don't think Richard Dawkins really believes the argument from design but
dishonestly refuses to admit it. He won't admit it even to himself.

George L. Murphy