Speaker Wanted

Jenkins, Bill (wwj@ihmail1.ih.lucent.com)
Fri, 19 Dec 1997 14:30:56 -0600

Fellow ASA'ers

Lucent Technologies/Bell Labs recognizes April as Religious Heritage
Month. As such, Christians and people of other faiths are allowed to
arrange and advertise events on company premises during work hours that
are consistent with their religious beliefs.

An organization of Christians in Lucent are working now to plan events
for April '98 for the Naperville, IL location, and given the strong
engineering/science background of most of our employees we would like to
arrange for one or more Christian scientists to speak on topics related
to science and the Bible. I would very much appreciate suggestions or
volunteers for people that would be interested in giving such a talk. It
would probably be scheduled to take place over lunch hour, and be held
in the auditorium in our facility.

Please let me know if you are interested or have suggestions of someone
who might be. Email me directly please, since I am no longer monitoring
the reflector.

Bill Jenkins

630.224.2660 - voice
630.224.5768 - fax

(valid inside Lucent only)